Love Rocky Point Park?

Then help us start a new legacy for this generation… From 1847 to 1996 Rhode Island had an amusement park to call its own… Rocky Point Park was a wonderful place that still holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the public here in New England. For more than 18 years that park has been gone, leaving the public of Rhode Island with nothing to do for summertime recreation.

In 2010 the people of Rhode Island voted to save the land at Rocky Point for future generations – unfortunately the cold truth was that this Vote was about saving the land, NOT about bringing the amusement park back. A solid proposal of any sort of recreational plan does not exist.

Ultimately the park may remain an “open space coastal park” with no attractions. The movie nights have been nice and brought a spirit of comradery along with them but they are few and far between. They can’t take the place of imersive and involved recreation, as they are passive entertainment

NOW is the time for the people of Rhode Island to speak up, to take action to build something we as a State can enjoy in this generation and for future generations to come. Our program is in place, the business plan is sound, now we need YOUR SUPPORT to make it a reality.

This plan is to bring a state of the art Water Park to Rhode Island. Cascade Water Park LLC is a group of professionals with combined experience in amusement parks, general business development, and entertainment industries who have come together in order to put a plan in place – to ultimately bring back a summer time recreational facility to Rhode Island.